Frequently asked questions

How does an Escape Room work?

Each room at Escape Allegan is set to a different theme. Employees will guide you to the room and explain the story behind your adventure. Once the door is locked, you have 60 minutes to solve the mystery, using your wits, skills and the clues available. If you get ‘stuck’ along the way, you can request up to 3 clues from the gamemaster, who will be monitoring your efforts. But be forewarned, things are not always as they appear in our escape rooms.

What happens if we run out of time?

If you can’t beat the clock and solve the riddles, we will let you out. While the gamemaster won’t tell you exactly what you missed, they can say ‘oh, you were so close.’

What happens if there are only two of us to play?

That depends. You can pay for the whole room, so the pressure is on the two of you to solve the puzzles. Or you could be added to another small group for the same time frame. Working with strangers can lead to new friendships.

Do you recommend reservations?

Absolutely. If you just show up and our rooms are booked, you won’t get the chance to experience the adventure of our escape rooms. 

What time should I arrive?

It’s suggested that you arrive 15 minutes before your reservation. That gives you a chance to learn about the theme of the escape room, so you can start on time.

What happens if we’re late for our reservation?

The game clock starts as scheduled. If you’re 15 minutes late, that only gives you 45 minutes to play the game and escape the room. There are no refunds.

Are Escape Rooms good for team building?

Definitely. This is a great way to get people working together to follow the clues and solve the riddles. Everyone gets to utilize their skills.

Can I use my cell phone?

The rooms are meant to be a challenge for you and other people. Working as a team is the whole idea! Please leave Siri behind.

Am I really locked in a room?

While you are not really locked in the room (no doors are locked). You work as a team to complete a mission.  

What if I have to use the bathroom?

Since you are not really locked in the room, you can leave the room. The clock does not stop when a team member leaves the room. The best thing to do is use the restroom before starting the game. 


Our building is ADA compliant and accessible for wheelchair access.  Although our rooms do not require many physical challenges, anyone that is able to communicate can be part of the experience.  There will be props in the games such as padlocks to unlock, items to pick up and visually look for clues so we recommend at least one member of the team able to perform those duties.  Please contact us if you have specific questions that we can help with.

I still have questions. What should I do?

The best way to get answers is to send us an email. We do our best to respond within 1 day.


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