what is an escape room?


An escape room, also known as a "puzzle room," is a physical adventure game in which players get locked into a themed room and have 30 - 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand and escape. Escape Allegan is perfect for friends, family, corporate team building, or a fun date night.










1920’s Speakeasy

A step back in time

The story takes place in a 1920’s Bar on Broadway, where the biggest mobsters of that time were known to gather. The owner was murdered under very mysterious circumstances. There was a rumor that he hid a significant amount of money somewhere in the bar. He was always leery of mobsters who had tried to take over his business and steal his fortune. But he was a clever fellow, leaving clues not only to his secret treasure, but to the identity of his killer. Are you sharp enough to unravel the riddles and figure out whodunit?

Prison escape

Act fast & solve the clues

A group of citizens have been falsely accused of a serious crime. The cops looked the other way. The judge was paid off. Now you’ve been sent to prison. But legend has it that others have escaped from here. There must be some way out! Isolated in two dark, dingy cells, you and your fellow prisoners must use your wits and share information to find a way out. Who knows what punishments await you when the grouchy prison guard comes back?  There’s only an hour to go! Can you find the clues and make a break for it?



NEW LOCATION and 30 minutes to solve puzzles

We are excited to announce Escape Allegan has expanded to a second location at 155 Riverfront Plaza, Allegan, MI, and we have a new puzzle for you… A challenge room! Wondering what a “Challenge Room” is? Click below and learn more.


Team work, problem solving, collaboration, and FUN!


Looking for a unique outing with your family or friends, an exciting corporate team-building activity, or a fun date night idea? Escape Allegan is an experience that you will remember long after you finish the game.

Companies worldwide are turning to escape rooms to build upon a team culture with their employees. Here at Escape Allegan, we offer rooms with diverse scenarios that require your group to recognize every individual’s potential and strengths, and pull everyone’s talents together to create the ultimate winning team. Your team must then find all the hidden clues, work together to solve puzzles and decipher codes, and unlock items and doors in order to escape.


find us in Allegan, Michigan.


They say "all roads lead to Allegan," and as you can see from the map below, it's true! Escape Allegan is located just a short drive from Grand Rapids, Holland, Saugatuck, and Kalamazoo. Allegan, Michigan is a charming historic small town with so much to do: kayaking, zip lining, mountain biking, ropes courses, fine dining, and more!