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Escape Allegan has two differently themed rooms that each offer you a completely unique experience as well as a challenge room with floor to ceiling puzzles. Grab a group of friends, co-workers, or classmates and see if you've got what it takes to enter into our 1920's speakeasy or prison escape and find your way out! Contact us for pricing and details on corporate outings, head-to-head team bookings and events! Our room themes will change over time, so be sure to check back often as our themes evolve and additional new themed escape rooms are added. 

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1920's speakeasy

The story takes place in a 1920’s Bar on Broadway, where the biggest mobsters of that time were known to gather. The owner was murdered under very mysterious circumstances. There was a rumor that he hid a significant amount of money somewhere in the bar. He was always leery of mobsters who had tried to take over his business and steal his fortune. But he was a clever fellow, leaving clues not only to his secret treasure, but to the identity of his killer. Are you sharp enough to unravel the riddles and figure out whodunit?

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prison escape

A group of citizens have been falsely accused of a serious crime. The cops looked the other way. The judge was paid off. Now you’ve been sent to prison. But legend has it that others have escaped from here. There must be some way out! Isolated in two dark, dingy cells, you and your fellow prisoners must use your wits and share information to find a way out. Who knows what punishments await you when the grouchy prison guard comes back?  There’s only an hour to go! Can you find the clues and make a break for it?

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We are excited to Escape Allegan has expanded to a second location at 155 Riverfront Plaza, Allegan, MI and we have a new puzzle for you… A challenge room! While our “traditional” themed escape rooms take 60 minutes to get out, this room has more puzzles than standard escape room as well as a unique twist: Not only does this floor to ceiling puzzle room accommodate up to 12 people, but we challenge you make it out in 30 minutes. If you succeed in 30 minutes or less, you’ll be given a great reward!

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